Norris weighs up a reverse Silverstone track

Mark Scott
Lando Norris-smiling-PA


Lando Norris would welcome racing at Silverstone on a reverse track, but thinks it could be a bit “tricky” in trying to tackle it.

With no Formula 1 racing on the agenda in the coming months, discussions about what an eventual 2020 calendar could look like is leading to some potentially creative solutions.

Silverstone boss, Martin Pringle, has said the iconic circuit would be willing to help Formula 1 in any way they can later in the year, whether that be hosting multiple races or staging a race that sees the drivers take on the track in reverse.

British driver Norris would love to try it out.

“So you’re going to Becketts, Maggotts [with the track] in reverse. But it looks tricky and different,” Norris said via

“I don’t know what and how it would play into the racing and stuff because you have quite a few high-speed corners, which lead on to the straights, rather than slow speed corners.

“So it might be a bit tricky to overtake or it may be easy…I’m not too sure. But it would be cool.

“I think it’s more the fact of having hopefully some more British grands prix, maybe get more races at home – it’s better for all of us within McLaren and of course myself to have more home races in a way.

“And for the British fans, I think they would love a bit more.

“So yeah, I’m up for it if F1 would allow it and Silverstone can do it, then I think that’s a great opportunity.”

With Silverstone showing an interest in reverse track races, attentions have turned into what other circuits could do the same. Norris, though, feels it would be possible with all of them.

“I don’t think you can run all of them in reverse,” he added.

“Some are designed in terms of safety to running one way, you know, and you’ll have a long straight which leads into a tight hairpin which won’t have any runoff, because it’s just not designed to go that way.

“But when we think about Silverstone, in a way, I don’t know if there will be some things that need to change, but everything kind of goes together a bit more, and it has the runoff and the space kind of available to be able to do it.”

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