Ricciardo: Brake balance ruling not a big loss

Michelle Foster
Daniel Ricciardo: Brake balance ruling not a big loss

Daniel Ricciardo: Brake balance ruling not a big loss

Daniel Ricciardo isn’t expecting any drama after Renault’s brake balance system was declared illegal, ruled to be a driver aid by the FIA.

Racing Point protested Renault’s system at the Japanese Grand Prix resulting in a FIA investigation.

After days of examing the RS19’s control electronics and steering wheel while going through the documents, the FIA ruled that while the system was not the automatic pre-set one that Racing Point had alleged, it was nonetheless a driver aid.

Renault were disqualified from the Japanese results, losing the 10 points they had bagged.

But while the points are a big loss, Ricciardo says going back to a manual brake balance adjustment system is not.

“This is what I had also last year [with Red Bull],” he told RaceFans.net.

“You see guys do it: Mercedes onboard, they’re making 20 switches a lap. You do it for each corner as you wish.

“But honestly, some races, I want to say probably more than 50 percent, I don’t touch brake balance.

“I just modulate it with my foot and I feel if that corner is likely to lock the front, then I just initially pressure a bit less.

“So I don’t see it as a big loss. I don’t see it really as a loss at all.

“It just means that I’ve got to maybe think a little bit more and figure out if I need a brake balance adjustment for a particular corner.”

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