Ricciardo expects German GP penalty

Ricciardo expects German GP penalty

Daniel Ricciardo is likely to race a new power unit at this weekend’s German GP as in “Hockenheim you can overtake.”

The Aussie has been knocking on the door of engine penalties for several weeks, however, Red Bull held off handing him Renault’s updated parts.

He took his third and final penalty-free internal combustion engine and turbocharger back at the Canadian Grand Prix while also moving onto his third MGU-H.

The time, though, has now come to update his engine with the Aussie revealing he is likely to take the hit at the Hockenheimring.

“In Hockenheim you can overtake, so we will probably install the new engine there,” Ricciardo told Speedweek.

Should he move onto a fourth ICE, turbo and MGU-H, he will start the grand prix from the very back of the grid as the penalty amounts to more than 20 places.