Ricciardo: Honda was a risk too big

Date published: February 17 2019 - Editor

Daniel Ricciardo believes Honda have more issues to solve than Renault.

Daniel Ricciardo believes it would have been a bigger risk staying at Red Bull and failing than coming to Renault and not winning.

The Aussie’s progress will be watched closely after he shocked the world of motorsport by signing for Renault in 2018, leaving behind a Red Bull team with eyes on race wins.

Renault are not expecting to be title challengers until 2021, but the deed is done, and Ricciardo got his first taste of the new R.S.19 as the French team completed a shakedown run at the Circuit de Catalunya.

Ricciardo reacted positively after the demo run in Barcelona, with testing set to begin at the circuit next week.

Although Red Bull have talked up Honda’s progress, the 29-year-old was always and to this day remains highly sceptical on their claims.

Speaking to motorsport-total, he said: “The more I think about it, the less the risk seems [when compared to] Red Bull.

“At Red Bull you always measure yourself against the successes that have been achieved in the past.

“The danger is that you will be disappointed.

“My impression is that the risk of failing [at Red Bull] was greater than switching here and being at risk of not winning.

“Renault is not there yet in terms of where it wants to go. The team has been catching up [since 2014] and mistakes are likely to continue, but my impression is that these mistakes are being phased out, and my personal feeling tells me: Honda has more problems to solve.”

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