Ricciardo the latest to share Zandvoort concerns

Mark Scott
Daniel Ricciardo needs time to adapt to the poorer Renault car.

Daniel Ricciardo needs time to adapt to the poorer Renault car.

Daniel Ricciardo has said he is “torn” about the announcement of the Dutch Grand Prix returning at the old-school Zandvoort circuit.

The not-so secret announcement was made on Tuesday as Liberty try to cash in on the rising success and popularity of Red Bull’s Max Verstappen.

Prior to the official confirmation, drivers such as Sebastian Vettel had compared Zandvoort to Monaco due to its narrow layout  and the lack of overtaking opportunities.

Ricciardo gave the view that whilst the track is fun for the drivers, he has doubts that will translate into a fantastic viewing spectacle for the fans.

“Full honesty here, the track to drive on is pretty awesome,” Ricciardo said via Autosport.

“It’s high speed, it’s old school, big balls. From a driving point of view, it’s fine.

“But how fast it is and how narrow some places are, I don’t think it would be that exciting for overtaking – just my initial feeling.

“With the speeds we go now, following another car will be very difficult. That’s my reservation with it. I think it’ll be a very processional race, otherwise, the track’s cool.

“I’m a bit torn. To drive on it’d be fun but to race – with the width of the cars now it’s probably a bit like a street circuit through some places.

“It’ll be tricky to make a really exciting race.

“I only drove a demonstration [in an F1 car], but I raced there in F3, and it keeps your eyes open. Big balls.”

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