Rich Energy ordered to reveal ‘full’ Haas details

Date published: July 3 2019 - Jamie Woodhouse

Rich Energy ordered to reveal "full details" of their relationship with Haas.

Haas’ title sponsor Rich Energy not only have to destroy anything that bears the stag logo but they also have to reveal full details of their agreement with the F1 team.

Earlier this year the UK courts ruled that Rich Energy’s stag logo infringed the copyright of British bicycle brand Whyte Bikes’ logo.

They ordered Rich Energy to remove all traces of the stag with the judge delivering a damning verdict on Rich Energy’s CEO William Storey character.

But while Rich Energy, who have until July 18 to appeal if they wish to continue the battle, recently asked the courts for a three-month stay, they were only granted three weeks.

According to Autosport, they have to “deliver up or cause to be delivered up to the claimant’s premises […] or destroy or cause to be destroyed; or alter so as no longer to be infringing or cause such alteration; all infringing copies, and any articles specifically designed or adapted for making infringing copies, in their possession or control in the UK.”

The judge has also ordered that Rich Energy confirm all UK and global sales of the energy drink carrying the stag logo as well as the total sum received from those sales.

Haas are in the mix as Rich Energy have to provide “figures showing: Any sums of money invested in or made available to the First Defendant [Rich], including for the avoidance of doubt sums invested in or made available to the First Defendant in connection with its sponsorship of the Haas F1 Team;

“Any sums of money invested by third parties in any other company or entity controlled by the Second Defendant [Storey] in connection with and/or pursuant to the First Defendant’s sponsorship of the Haas F1 Team;

“Full details of any sums of money paid or payable to the Haas F1 Team pursuant to the First Defendant’s sponsorship of the Haas F1 Team, indicating in each case whether such sums were paid or payable by the First Defendant or by any other entity;

“An estimate of the proportion of the £50,000 paid to the Third Defendant [Staxoweb] to produce, inter alia, a logo for the First Defendant which is attributable to the work of designing of a logo as part of that commission, and an explanation of how that estimate was reached.”

As for the costs, to date Rich Energy have to pay £35,416 and that doesn’t include the damages for the copyright infringement which have yet to be decided.

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