Kubica: Better Williams and I’d still be racing

Michelle Foster
Robert Kubica: Better Williams and I'd still be racing

Robert Kubica believes if Williams had produced a better car last season, he would be preparing for a second campaign back on the grid.

Last year Kubica returned to the Formula 1 grid racing for Williams.

Taking to the Albert Park street circuit, it was the culmination of a long and difficult road for the Polish driver who suffered a partially severed arm when he crashed a rally car back in 2011.

It was thought that Kubica’s single-seater career was over but instead he fought back, racing for Williams in the 2019 season.

That, though, was a battle on its own.

Williams’ FW42 was lacking in every department with the team scoring just one point the entire season.

That came courtesy of Kubica’s P10 at a chaotic German GP.

He announced mid-September that 2019 would be his only season racing for Williams.

Kubica reckons if 2019 had not been as bad as it was, he would still be in F1.

Grandpx.news quotes the 35-year-old as having told Gosc Radia Zet: “It is possible that if I had a better car last year, I would not be sitting here, I would be preparing to race in Australia.

“At Williams, I found a group of people who know what they are doing, but there were others who could have done better work.”

But while the 2008 Canadian Grand Prix winner was once again left to rue an early end to his F1 career, he admits he was lucky to have even raced in the sport.

“I think I’m lucky anyway, because many of my colleagues with great talent never got to Formula 1,” he said.

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