Kubica never as good in F1 as when he was karting

Mark Scott
Robert Kubica

Alfa Romeo want to retain Robert Kubica for 2021.

Robert Kubica has said that he was never as good a driver in Formula 1, or any other category for that matter, when compared to his karting days.

Many drivers have been using the current downtime to take trips down memory lane and Kubica retraced his very early steps when he moved from Poland to Italy to begin his climb up through the ranks to Formula 1.

“The reason for Italy is because all the main races were there, and still are, as well as the most important chassis and engine manufacturers,” he recalled in an Instagram interview with Pirelli’s Mario Isola.

“Italy is a kind of center for the world of karting. At that time, it was the strongest championship in Europe, even in the world.”

“In Poland, F1 was not on TV, rallies were much more popular and only a few drivers before me tried their hand at karting in the international arena.

“I remember my first race away from Poland, we arrived there by van with one mechanic. At the first free practice, I saw those good-looking official drivers from big teams, all those nice karts, and helmets. I had a regular white helmet, a suit and a kart without any branding.”

Kubica went on to say that he was never able to truly replicate his driving skills or success in the other categories he raced in compared to karting.

“It seems to me that I’ve never been as good a driver in other categories as I was in karting,” he added.

“I was very good with carburation, which was very important.

“In current days, there are a lot of sensors, data, displayed dashes, karting has moved forward as a technology.

“In the past, there was a small dash with RPM numbers and everything you were doing, like fine-tuning the carburation and the engine, it was by your ears.

“I did learn very quickly thanks to my father. There were some hard lessons and I realized that I won much more than I should have won, just because I was more sneaky.

“Sometimes, because of speed, I could not win but I have won some races that were impossible to win.”

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