Kubica ‘laughing’ over revised schedule

Michelle Foster
Robert Kubica-Alfa-Romeo1


Robert Kubica’s 2020 plans have gone from hectic to relaxed as one stage he was facing 11 race weekends in a row.

This year the Polish driver is combining his DTM race drive with an Alfa Romeo test driver role.

That would have, before motorsport has brought to a standstill, resulted in a run of 11 race weekends in succession.

And that, by anyone’s standards, is intense.

But with the world’s motorsport racing placed on an extended hiatus, Kubica instead found himself sitting at home in lockdown.

“This year was supposed to be tough because I was doing two championships: the reserve driver role with some FP1 sessions in F1 with Alfa Romeo, and the full DTM season in a BMW with Orlen Team ART,” he told GP Racing Magazine.

“There were times when I looked at my calendar and thought: ‘No, this is too much.’ There were months when I wasn’t able to come home for even two days.

“There were periods when I had 11 [race] weekends in a row, then one weekend off, then another four or five weekends in a row.

“So I’m almost laughing now to think there was a time when I said it would be too much and here we are in lockdown at home.

“It’s a bit like in the winter you complain it’s too cold, then the summer comes and you complain it’s too hot!

“The reality is that we would all love to be back, to race, and hopefully this moment will arrive.

“Our lives will have to adapt – the situation will evolve and get better, but it will still not be the case from one day to another that we go back to the lifestyle we had a few months ago.”

Kubica’s DTM campaign will now begin on August 1st with a nine-race season while F1 has eight races on the cards, at least for now.

He added: “We’ll have to react to the situation as it develops, take all precautions and minimise the risks.

“It’s a delicate situation because from one side we would love to race, and I think anyone who is passionate about motorsport would like to see us racing again.

“But on the other hand we cannot take big risks because as we’ve seen, this can get very serious.

“It’s a strong and invisible opponent we’re playing against. You never know what might happen in the coming weeks.”

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