Kubica: Lighter cars would mean better racing

Jamie Woodhouse
Robert Kubica

Alfa Romeo want to retain Robert Kubica for 2021.

Alfa Romeo reserve driver Robert Kubica believes making cars lighter is the easiest way to improve racing in F1.

As well as lowering the spiralling costs of Formula 1, the new regulations, now set to come in from 2022, have been designed to encourage more overtaking by lowering the negative effect which cars have on the downforce of others following behind.

But Kubica believes the easiest way to make the racing better would be simply to make Formula 1 cars lighter.

The Polish driver was speaking to Pirelli’s motorsport director Mario Isola on Instagram.

“I would definitely reduce the weight of the car. I think that there would be more than one advantage and in different regions as well,” he said.

“First of all the cars will be nicer to drive, more reactive, and they will give you a chance to recover. So there will be less insterted when the car slides. It means that the car would be easier to catch and it will unlock more aggressive driving.

“Also it will help the tyres because the force goes through to the tyre from downforce. The cars are much bigger now and they are much heavier. So I think the tyres are stressed much more than they were 10 years ago.

“This will make the tyres’ life easier, which will also unlock possibility to attack them more, to drive more aggressive. I think it will be the most efficient way of improving the show and also the feeling of the drivers, which is a very common line, because if the drivers are able to attack more, it will be a better show.”

After returning to Formula 1 last year with Williams, Kubica moved to Alfa Romeo to act as their reserve driver for 2020, bringing his main sponsor Orlen with him.

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