Grosjean shows horrific burns in recovery update

Jamie Woodhouse
Romain Grosjean

Romain Grosjean shows horrific hand burns in recovery update

While relieved to see Romain Grosjean escape his death-defying crash in Bahrain, his Twitter post reminded everyone of its severity.

On the opening lap of the 2020 Bahrain Grand Prix Grosjean clipped the AlphaTauri of Daniil Kvyat, causing his Haas to spear into the barriers.

Upon impact his car burst into flames and actually split into two pieces with Grosjean in the fiery cockpit going through the barrier.

Grosjean’s miraculous ability to unclip himself from the cockpit, along with the brave intervention of medical personnel meant that the Frenchman was pulled to safety and transported to a local medical facility.

Fortunately Grosjean’s injuries went no further than burns to his hands – he was simply thankful to be alive.

However, his post on social media where he revealed the extent of the burns to his left hand, reminded us all just how serious his accident was.

The fantastic news to take from the post though is that Grosjean continues on his road to recovery with the dressings now fully off his left hand.

This comes around a month after Grosjean was able to remove the dressings from his right hand which wasn’t injured as severely in the crash.


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Grosjean spoke about the motivation he generated from thoughts of his family during the crash. After initially accepting death, he then summoned the strength to escape so that he could continue to be there for his wife Marion and three young children.


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The FIA are still working on their report into Grosjean’s crash, and the IndyCar series has already expressed an interest in their findings.

While the Halo device was introduced to Formula 1 and other FIA competitions, the invention which Grosjean credited for saving his life, IndyCar took the Aeroscreen initially developed by Red Bull, and introduced it as their answer to head protection.

“We all saw what happened with [Grosjean], and what’s the result? Well, the result was what you want, and the driver was okay,” IndyCar President Jaye Frye told Racer.

“And obviously it was a big incident, so we were already looking at some quick disconnect options on a few things, and when we get the report – the findings – on the F1 crash, we’ll also see if there’s anything in there we could do better, do differently with our frame and screen.

“Our system is different than theirs, but there’s a lot of similar things that can carry over.

“Throughout the course of the year, there were a few incidents that certainly came into play that had the positive results that we will always want, which was the drivers walked away.

“Overall, you don’t get too loud when something does its job like the Aeroscreen did; I mean, that’s what it’s there for. But it was a real success that a lot of people were part of, and we’re really proud of it.”

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