Grosjean discusses dealing with internet trolls

Jamie Woodhouse
Romain Grosjean brushes off the internet trolls - people in the street don't make such harsh comments.

Romain Grosjean brushes off the internet trolls - people in the street don't make such harsh comments.

Romain Grosjean just brushes off the criticism from internet trolls, saying people in the street don’t make nasty comments.

The Frenchman retained his seat at Haas for 2020 when many expected it to go to Nico Hulkenberg after Grosjean scored only eight points in 2019 and was involved in several incidents.

That decision drew a negative reaction from some fans online, but Grosjean doesn’t allow himself to be affected by the actions of internet trolls, saying people in the street wouldn’t make such nasty comments to him.

Speaking to Autosport, he said: “Not long ago I went to see a concert with my wife. We posted a selfie, and a guy commenting [abuse] on it got a kick out of it.

“On the street, you’ll never meet a guy who’ll say things to your face.

“I’m better off being liked or disliked than having no charisma at all.

“There are people who support me, others who don’t – I understand that.

“Sometimes we can chat on social media. That’s what social networks are for, to ask for explanations behind a thought: ‘Why do you say that Grosjean crashed everywhere last year? Get me the statistics and we’ll talk about it again.’

“There is sometimes an image that somebody is stuck with. That’s life, it’s not a big deal.

“When you get a good result, the numbers go up, the people are there, and when it’s a bad result, people are tough.

“Sometimes they are easy to criticise, but once again, among those I meet every day, there has never been one person across the street who has said that to me.”

Grosjean, who has scored ten podium finishes in his career, recently said that Formula 1 isn’t a sport because it’s “unfair“, and though he repeated that again, he insists his motivation to stay in the series remains.

“For the moment I don’t feel like leaving Formula 1, even if it’s frustrating, even if it’s unfair, even if sometimes you go home thinking you’d rather be in another category to be able to win races,” he explained.

“But at the moment, I’m still too much in love with Formula 1.

“I love it, I want to go to the races. I can’t wait to get on a plane to Australia and drive to Melbourne to start the season.

“We’ll see how it goes.

“One day you might like mozzarella and two years later not like it anymore – or vice versa.”

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