Brawn: F1 supports Hamilton ‘completely’

Finley Crebolder
Ross Brawn believes Formula 1 needs a Leicester City to provide underdog victories from 2021.

Ross Brawn believes Formula 1 needs a Leicester City to provide underdog victories from 2021.

Ross Brawn has stated that he and the sport fully support Lewis Hamilton’s comments and views regarding racism.

The Mercedes driver has always been vocal on social media and has used his platform in recent weeks to speak out against racism and support the wide-spread protests.

“I think Lewis is a great ambassador for the sport, and I think his comments are very valid and we support him completely,” Brawn told Sky Sports.

“We support totally what Lewis has said. What happened was dreadful, it happens far too often.

“And you’ve seen the public reaction to it, it’s almost the straw that broke the camel’s back, and we support [Hamilton] totally.”

As well as supporting the current anti-racism movement, Hamilton also criticised many within the sport for not doing the same and instead staying silent.

Brawn, however, claims that much work is being done to identify why F1 isn’t more diverse and to change that.

“We as F1 have recognised for a few years now that we want to strengthen our diversity, and our diversity programme, and both internally as a company, and externally, we started work on this a few years ago,” he added.

“Our thoughts were that the reason why we don’t have more diversity in Formula 1 starts at the very beginning. It’s at grassroots level.

“So we’ve been involved in F1 in Schools now. We’ve always supported it but we became far more involved in the last year or two.

“And that has a very strong diversity in terms of the kids that get involved in that – 40% of the kids that get involved in F1 in Schools are girls. So that’s a good start. And it’s an international competition, so we get competitors from all groups.”

In Hamilton’s most recent Instagram post, he criticised the UK government for their handling of COVID-19 and support the taking down of a slave owner statue.

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