Rumours of Brad Pitt driving F1 car at Silverstone for Lewis Hamilton-linked film dispelled

Michelle Foster
Brad Pitt walking down the grid. Formula 1 Austin, October 2022

Brad Pitt walking down the grid. Austin, October 2022

Fans wishing to see Brad Pitt race Lewis Hamilton at Silverstone in a Formula 1 car will be disappointed, with the Hollywood actor’s British GP run said to be taking place in a modified F2 or F3 car and not during a live F1 session.

Pitt and Hamilton are working together, along with the team who brought us Top Gun: Maverick, to create a movie about a former F1 driver, played by Pitt, who comes out of retirement to compete alongside a rookie.

The as yet untitled movie will see the Hollywood star take to the track during the British Grand Prix weekend.

But, contradictory to earlier reports, Pitt will not be leading the formation lap of the British Grand Prix in a Formula 1 car. Rather the American will be in action in a modified F2 or F3 machine and his run will not take place during a live F1 session.

“I’ve seen a lot of stories that say there’s gonna be an F1 car driven by Brad Pitt of the grid itself,” David Croft told Sky Sports.

“And as much as I’m sure we’d love to see Brad Pitt driving an F1 car at Silverstone in the British Grand Prix, that is not the case.

“He won’t be driving an F1 car, likely an F2 or F3 car and it’s only going to be driven that weekend at the British Grand Prix when no sessions are taking place.

“So he won’t be out on the track, nobody will be out on the track whilst there’s an official session taking place.”

But what intrigued his fellow commenter Ted Kravitz was Mercedes’ involvement. recommends

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“But what’s interesting for me,” he said, “is that they are modifying the Halo on the F2 car to take, I think, an IMAX camera. I think that was what Kosinski did for Top Gun: Maverick, it had to be IMAX.”

Croft confirmed this, saying social media excitement over an apparent “different” Mercedes car is apparently the Brackley squad doing its bit for Hamilton’s movie.

“I think that’s the work that Mercedes have been helping with as well,” he said. “the camera places in the Halo exactly.

“I saw a few other social media comments saying ‘what, Mercedes designing a different car that’s going to help on the track!’. It’s nothing like that at all.”

Hamilton is assisting with the script for the film for Apple Studios that has Joseph Kosinski, director of Top Gun: Maverick, and leading producer Jerry Bruckheimer as part of the project.

Asked about the latest updates about the movie, Hamilton told the media in Miami: “I don’t know absolutely every single plan of all the different things we’re going to be doing within the paddock and all those sorts of things.

“I’m more focused right now on making sure the script is where it needs to be, so that’s where all the time currently is going. It is making sure we’ve got a really great and diverse cast.

“It is kind of (director) Joe’s focus to make sure that we’re as embedded into this sport as possible, and it’s current. And for me, it’s to make sure that it’s authentic and that all of you and racing fans see its authenticity and say this is believable.

“We also want to have a view of racing from a different perspective than you might see on TV and generally just a really cool sport.

“So, I’m spending a lot of time right now helping Joe and the team get the script right, and that’s an amazing process. I’m really enjoying it.”