Russell: Mercedes run highlighted FW42 issues

George Russell: Mercedes run highlighted Williams issues

George Russell: Mercedes run highlighted Williams issues

Driving the Williams and the Mercedes W10 on back-to-back test days, George Russell feels he was able to give Williams valuable feedback.

Following the Bahrain Grand Prix, Russell tested for Williams on the Tuesday of the in-season before jumping into the Mercedes for Day Two.

The reigning F2 champion, who has spent the bulk of his albeit short season lapping at the back of the field in the FW42, claimed the top spot on the timesheets in the W10.

As such he finished the two day test with the fastest and the slowest times.

“It was an incredible experience and an experience not many drivers get to try,” Russell told Autosport.

“They [Mercedes] are currently leading the world championship, are a world championship-winning team and arguably the fastest car on the grid at the moment.

“So, for me, for us in our current situation where we are at the back, it was a great opportunity to know what we should be aiming for.”

Russell, though, was limited in what he could report back to Williams.

“Obviously we did agree that I’m not going to come back and share confidential bits,” he added.

“But I’m more than capable of coming back and saying, ‘Their car is doing X in these corners and our car isn’t and this is what we need to be working towards’.

“It was a very good test. We know they have more downforce than us but it’s more to it than just having more downforce.”

Asked whether his Williams F1 car has been lacking compared to the Mercedes in ‘every corner’, Russell was diplomatic in his response.

“I’d say the difference is as expected,” he said.

“You look where Mercedes are, you look where Williams are, the difference was absolutely as you’d imagine.”

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