Sainz: Always the same result is hurting F1

Date published: May 16 2019 - Michelle Foster

Carlos Sainz is happy with Renault's engine progress but still sees Ferrari as the benchmark.

Carlos Sainz believes always having the “same result” is hurting F1 and could see tracks, such as Barcelona, lose their place on the calendar.

The Spanish Grand Prix’s future is up in the air as the Circuit de Catalunya does not have a contract for next season.

This week’s announced that F1 will return to the Netherlands in 2020, bringing to an end Zandvoort’s 35-year hiatus, cast further doubt on Spain’s place on the calendar.

Sainz feels Formula 1’s current form, which has seen Mercedes start this year’s championship with a run of five successive 1-2 results, is not helping the situation.

“It would be a shame to lose this grand prix. I think everyone agrees that basically we need to create a bit better of a show,” he told

“The crowd is not going to come here to see always the same result, always the same people winning, and we need to see something more.

“See more people on the podiums, winning, to make F1 more attractive.”

The McLaren driver added that many venues could fail to sell out this season given the run of results.

“For me it was a big push to be racing in front of my crowd. I could see them quite fired up before the race in Turn 5, and that extra push I think without the crowd, or the feeling at home, wouldn’t have happened.

“My grandstand is full because people like me, but don’t forget that people are coming from all around Europe.

“And I think we will see, maybe except for Britain where people are crazy for F1, that it’s very difficult to attract people to the tracks when there’s always the same people winning and the same results always happening.

“You know basically what’s going to happen in every race.”

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