Sainz doubts Norris’ game play gives him edge

Michelle Foster
Carlos Sainz's P3 in Brazil and first podium confirmed.

Carlos Sainz's P3 in Brazil and first podium confirmed.

Carlos Sainz’s team-mate Lando Norris may spend a great deal of his downtime playing virtual racing games but Sainz doubts whether it does anything to help the rookie.

Norris is well known for his love for gaming.

The Brit has in the past spoken of his set up at home, saying he believes it has played a “significant” role in honing his talent behind the wheel.

However, Sainz says he doubts it gives Norris an edge.

“I do plenty of simulator at the factory but the rest I try to spend a lot of time outdoors,” Sainz told

“I’m an outdoors guy and I enjoy a lot driving real cars, like rally cars.

“If they would benefit from it, then Lando would be quicker in the simulator in McLaren than me. But he’s not.

“So I don’t think they benefit from it.”

Added to that there are other drivers, such as five-time World Champion Lewis Hamilton, who don’t even enjoy spending time in simulators.

And, as Sainz points out, Hamilton is “as good as” Norris or “even better”.

“I haven’t seen anything from Lando that I haven’t seen from Lewis. That doesn’t explain time in a simulator, if you know what I mean,” Sainz added.

“I think Lewis is a good example of… he just comes here and drive and then the rest of his life he does something completely different, and he’s as good as Lando or Max or even better.”

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