Sainz spin came after deliberately going off

Mark Scott

Carlos Sainz denied by rivals' 'risky decision'

Carlos Sainz Jr has said he was left feeling “stupid” after his spin in Germany came after deliberately going off the track at Turn 15.

The corner caught many drivers out in treacherous conditions at the Hockenheimring, with Sainz himself thinking that he could actually find more grip away from the turn altogether.

That would prove to be a very unwise decision after effectively putting his McLaren car onto a skating rink, causing him to spin and lose valuable time.

“I actually went wide on purpose,” Sainz said via Racefans.Net.

“I missed the corner saying ‘I’m going to miss the corner on purpose, just going to go wide and come back’. Then suddenly found this un-grippy surface.

“That’s why I was so frustrated on the radio because I felt stupid. I could have easily made the corner.

“I didn’t commit to the corner just to not lose time by trying to keep it tight. And I missed 35 seconds of race time by doing that.

“So I think the frustration from the driver there comes by actually thinking there’s going to be grip and it’s not. So next time we will know and we will not go there.”

All was not lost, though, for Sainz who would go on to recover and finish P5 in Germany.

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