Sausage kerb repaired but not adjusted

Sausage kerb repaired but not adjusted

The sausage kerb at Turn 20 at the Yas Marina circuit has been repaired overnight but not adjusted.

This season’s Abu Dhabi Grand Prix features a new obstacle for the drivers to overcome with a 50mm high kerb installed at Turn 20.

Many of the drivers mounted it, some leapt over it, and slowly but surely the concrete was eroded.

That has been repaired overnight but reports suggests no changes were made to the high of the kerb.

“It should be better,” Esteban Ocon told “[But it] doesn’t need to be as high as it is.

“You probably can lose time being on it and lose some load etc., but the problem is now if we go on it and break everything – so it could be dangerous.”

Brendon Hartley added: “You have to give the entry more respect. I’m all for it.

“Maybe it’s potentially a bit high, especially if you go over it and you’re effectively a passenger.

“We have to make sure cars aren’t getting damaged unnecessarily for going off in a small way.”