Vettel trying to ‘tame a different animal’ in AMR22

Jon Wilde
Sebastian Vettel in the Aston Martin AMR22. Barcelona February 2022.

Sebastian Vettel in the Aston Martin AMR22 during the first pre-season track session. Barcelona February 2022.

Sebastian Vettel is embracing the challenge of trying to tame the “different animal” that goes by the name of the Aston Martin AMR22.

Aston Martin never really got to grips with last season, their first as a constructor since 1960, having been adversely affected by the tweaks to the aerodynamic regulations.

The major rule changes for 2022 have now given them as big a chance as all of their rivals, however, due to every team effectively starting with a blank sheet of paper to create their new challenger.

Nevertheless, it is not proving straightforward for Aston Martin to get the AMR22 just how they want it, although a total of 128 laps on the second day of the pre-season track session in Barcelona for Vettel and his team-mate Lance Stroll combined should have provided plenty more valuable data.

“In all honesty, there’s still an awful lot to understand,” said Vettel, quoted by “It’s a completely different animal and it wants to be tamed in a different way. That’s driving the car but also operating, in terms of set-up.

“We’ve tried a couple of things. There are some major challenges like others are also facing, and problems. So we need to find solutions.

“There’s still a lot to learn for me with a car that wants to be driven in a different way and I’m playing with driving styles, what I can do. Equally we are playing with the car, trying to solve some of the problems we have, the challenges we face, find solutions. There’s still a lot to do.

“Everyone’s flat out, there’s still a very steep and high mountain to climb. I can’t say at the minute we are seeing the peak, but I think the challenge is fun and the belief is there that one day we will reach that peak, hopefully just before the season.

“I think it will be a long year anyway and everyone is probably in the same boat in terms of learning these cars and having certain troubles. But so far, all is good.”


The four-time former World Champion also touched upon the ‘porpoising’ that has been seen along the straight at the Circuit de Catalunya from certain cars, including the Aston Martin – a ‘bouncing’ effect caused by the different aerodynamics.

“Obviously the car likes to be lower to the ground and that’s different to the past, but we’ve seen other cars bouncing a little bit up and down on the straight. We have one of them,” said the German.

“We are just in the middle of learning and at this stage it’s hard to say whether we are better off or worse off than the others.”


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Vettel brands AMR22 a ‘different animal’

Sebastian Vettel calls his AMR22 a different animal.