‘At least Vettel can look at his bank account and laugh’

Mark Scott
Sebastian Vettel Ferrari

Sebastian Vettel hopes to give Aston Martin their first taste of champagne.

Jacques Villeneuve has described Sebastian Vettel’s final season with Ferrari as “agony”, but thinks he still has millions of reasons to be happy.

Ever since it was announced that the four-time World Champion would be leaving the team at the end of the 2020 season, it has largely been a case of the two going through the motions with each other before they could go their separate ways.

His lowly P13 finish in the World Championship, not helped of course by a very uncompetitive Ferrari car, was comfortably Vettel’s worst result when taking part in a full Formula 1 season.

And ex-driver turned pundit, Villeneuve, like many others, are struggling to see many positives other than it is finally over between them…and Vettel at least has money in the bank.

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“It was a very tough year for Vettel,” Villeneuve is quoted as having told Sky Sports in Italy by grandpx.news.

“It was agony for him actually and he will be happy to go home. He can now recharge the batteries and start thinking about next year.

“Vettel has done everything for Ferrari, but in recent years you saw that Ferrari started doing everything for [Charles] Leclerc. Even the car was made for him.

“Vettel didn’t get a good car this year, but he did get it from Ferrari in the past. But in those moments, he made too many mistakes. This year the problem was the team and the car, of course.

“Before that he was the hero and the one who had to help move Ferrari forward. After that it was all about Leclerc.

“Vettel can at least look at his bank account and laugh.”

Lewis Hamilton is widely regarded as the highest-paid Formula 1 with his current Mercedes contract, which is due to expire at the end of the month, worth a reported £40million-a-year.

But Vettel is often cited as the second highest-earning driver, with his Ferrari salary said to be in the region of £37million-a-year.

It is believed Vettel has taken quite a considerable pay cut to remain in Formula 1 with Aston Martin from next season and signed a deal reportedly worth £14million-a-year.

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