Sebastian Vettel calls for ‘transparency’ after Christian Horner investigation at Red Bull

Henry Valantine
Sebastian Vettel and Christian Horner.

Sebastian Vettel has weighed in on the investigation into his former boss, Christian Horner, at Red Bull.

Sebastian Vettel has spoken of the need for “transparency” after the investigation into Christian Horner by Red Bull GmbH was dismissed, in order to have “more of an opinion” on the subject.

A complaint of alleged inappropriate behaviour was brought by a Red Bull employee against the team principal but, after an investigation by the team’s parent company, the complaint was dismissed – though due to it being a private company, no details about the investigation or its contents were made public.

Sebastian Vettel: ‘It would be nice if there was simply more transparency’

Vettel won all four of his World Championships with Horner as his team principal at Red Bull from 2010 to 2013, prior to his departure for Ferrari in 2015.

While his former team is currently in the middle of another dominant streak with Max Verstappen behind the wheel, the conversation surrounding them has been commanded by their off-track situation so far this season.

Horner has always denied the accusations against him, with the allegations having been dismissed in the days leading up to the season opener in Bahrain.

Speaking to Kay Burley on Sky News about the current situation at Red Bull, Vettel said: “Well, I mean, obviously, there’s been a lot of talk since the beginning of the year.

“I think with these things, it’s always difficult to know everything. And it would be nice if there was simply more transparency so that you really, you know, could have more of an opinion. recommends

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“I think it’s always difficult if you read one thing, then another thing, and then the opposite, and then I think, you know, like now, things are going round in circles.

“The shame is that obviously, Max is doing a great job. The team, a lot of individuals that I remember from my time there, are doing a great job in the background and that’s sort of forgotten when the subject hovers around something else.”

When asked how women were treated when he was there, the four-time World Champion responded: “Well, F1 is changing, but it’s an old-fashioned business in many ways.

“So first of all, there weren’t many, but, you know, the numbers were going up. So when I started and when I left, there were a lot more women in the paddock and a lot more women not just following the sport, but also working in the sport.

“So I think that’s a positive change. But I think really, like everywhere, else there’s still room for improvement.”

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