Sebastian Vettel quizzed over Instagram ‘teaser’ of rumoured documentary

Jon Wilde
Sebastian Vettel in the pre-race press conference. Spa August 2022.

Aston Martin driver Sebastian Vettel laughs during a press conference. Spa August 2022.

Sebastian Vettel has discussed the ‘teasing’ of a rumoured documentary about his life after one of the infrequent posts on his Instagram account appeared.

The four-time former World Champion has never been a fan of social media, refraining from opening accounts for the most part of his career.

That finally changed just before the 35-year-old German announced he will be retiring at the end of this season – and that was the reason for the launch of his Instagram account, as he posted a video of himself revealing the news.

On the eve of the Singapore Grand Prix weekend came the first post since then, that being a clip of Vettel racing in a junior formula with the words ‘Coming Soon’ in old-school type dominating the middle of the screen.

Talk quickly emerged that the post signified a documentary that would reflect upon Vettel’s career as his time in F1 draws to a close – and it had not escaped the notice of Sky F1 broadcaster Ted Kravitz.

Conducting interviews in the media pen for Sky, Kravitz asked the Aston Martin driver about the post – and Vettel was understandably reluctant to give anything away as an exclusive.

Told by Kravitz he was “a tease”, Vettel replied: “No, I think it’s exciting, isn’t it?”

Asked if there is a documentary or film coming out, he said: “You will see, we’ll see. No, I don’t do…I’m not a good actor. But you will see what’s next.

“You shouldn’t spend your life on the phone [on social media]. I’m probably not the only one who’s teasing you!”

Sebastian Vettel Instagram account

Vettel will experience the Singapore Grand Prix one last time, returning to the venue of his most recent Formula 1 victory for Ferrari in 2019.

He features among the surprising statistic that the 12 victories at Marina Bay since the race’s inception in 2008 have been shared out between only four drivers – Vettel (five wins), Lewis Hamilton (four), Fernando Alonso (two) and Nico Rosberg (one).

“I like the track, I think it’s a very good challenge,” said Vettel. “A very difficult track to get everything right, to put everything into one lap but then also over the race, to manage.

“So a lot of things you need to be aware of, but ultimately you need to have the confidence, the trust in your car, and then you’re able to pull out a little bit more.”

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