Vettel discusses his favourite fan gift

Jamie Woodhouse
Sebastian Vettel discusses his favourite fan gifts.

Sebastian Vettel discusses his favourite fan gifts.

Sebastian Vettel says he enjoys receiving letters from his fans because it shows that they want to put a smile on his face.

Currently Formula 1 is at a standstill with the coronavirus pandemic meaning no racing is possible until June at the earliest with the Canadian Grand Prix from 12-14 June the closest race yet to be called off.

So like all of us the drivers have plenty of spare time on their hands at a point in the year where they would usually be settling down into the relentless schedule of an F1 season.

And Vettel took some time to tell us what gift he enjoys most from his fans after he was asked what the “best” fan gift he ever received was.

That gift being letters because it makes him feel good when people take the time to write something down and put a smile on his face.

Speaking in a social media post, he said: “I don’t think there is the best gift, I think I appreciate if people thought of me.

“Especially when they take the effort to write something down, and maybe hand a small letter, and I can just see that they have thought of making me smile.

“I think that’s a nice thing. I like receiving them and going through the messages, reading them in the evening at the track.

“It’s just a nice gesture knowing that somebody else has thought of you.

“There have been some very inspiring words in the past so thank you for all of those.”

Right about now though Vettel is likely hoping for the gift of an improved contract offer – Ferrari have handed him the terms of their first renewal, but it’s only a one-year extension and involves a hefty cut to his salary.

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