‘Ferrari have made huge leap forward since 2015’

Jamie Woodhouse


Sebastian Vettel joined Ferrari ahead of the 2015 season, and he says since then the team has made a “huge leap forward”.

Vettel’s best shot at the World Championship with Ferrari came in 2017, but it wasn’t enough to derail Mercedes’ record-setting dominance of the sport which began in 2014.

But looking back over his five years with the team, Vettel believes it’s clear that the Scuderia have made a “huge leap forward”.

“The team has done a huge leap forward since I joined in 2015 on many, many grounds,” he is quoted by Racefans.net.

“Obviously the regulations have changed and so on. But I think we’ve proven that we’re able to build the fastest car.

“If you take 2017, right from the beginning, we probably had the most innovative car. So that speaks for the quality we have in our own roles for the engineering power. In 2018, a large amount of the season we were looking very good.

“Last year, I think we’ve had our strength. Obviously, we didn’t have the strongest package, but we had a package that was strongest in certain circuits and certain areas. So I think the ability to deliver the best is there.”

But, if Ferrari are to challenge again for the Drivers’ and Constructors’ titles, then Vettel admits that his team must put all the elements together into a strong package.

“Obviously what’s missing is to bring everything together and have the best package,” he explained.

“Now, it also depends what the others are doing. It’s not like we are massively behind in one or the other area. But it’s small details in the end that can make a difference.

“The competition level is very high. I think Merc is setting a very, very high standard as a team. So it’s up to us to meet these standards. And I think from what I see inside, moving around and so on, the attention, the will, determination, but also the will as an organisation to keep improving, I think is there.

“So it is, I think, about small things, putting them together. It’s not easy. But certainly we’re trying very hard and we do have the ingredients, I believe.”

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