Vettel doesn’t have ‘any decision’ in Ferrari future

Mark Scott


Ex-Formula 1 driver turned pundit, Paul di Resta, thinks all the bargaining power is with Ferrari and not Sebastian Vettel as their contract talks continue.

Vettel has reportedly been offered just a one-year contract extension with Ferrari and that apparently comes with a drastic wage cut. His current reported salary is thought to be in the region of £30million a year.

The four-time World Champion made a comment in a recent online press conference that he usually signs three-year contracts, leading some media outlets to suggest there is a disagreement between the two parties.

As for who holds the power in these negotiations, the rise of Charles Leclerc means, according to Di Resta, that it is Ferrari who hold all of the cards and Vettel is only in a position where he can just “take what he gets”.

“I really think it’s up to Ferrari if they want to keep Vettel,” Di Resta said via Sky Sports F1.

“I don’t think Vettel’s got any decision in this at all.

“He’ll have to take what he gets. And that may push him out of it.

“Sebastian if he’s on form, I think you’d love to see him in there.

“But if he’s not I think there’s a few people lining up out of contract who Ferrari could equally grab.”

The likes of Carlos Sainz, Daniel Ricciardo and Antonio Giovinazzi are the current Formula 1 drivers being linked with Vettel’s seat, while Fernando Alonso also became part of the rumour mill in recent weeks.

As for Vettel, he has been linked with a move to McLaren, but another ex-driver turned pundit in Ralf Schumacher thinks his compatriot’s only other option aside from Ferrari is to swap teams with Lewis Hamilton, who is also out of contract at the end of the year.

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