One-year Ferrari extension for Vettel ‘is possible’

Mark Scott
Sebastian Vettel's Ferrari exit came as a surprise to Romain Grosjean.

Sebastian Vettel's Ferrari exit came as a surprise to Romain Grosjean.

Ex-Formula 1 driver, Ralf Schumacher, thinks it could be “possible” that Sebastian Vettel does end up signing a new one-year deal with Ferrari.

Vettel’s future with the Scuderia is dominating discussion as Formula 1 remains in lockdown mode and those discussions have certainly not quietened following recent rumours that the four-time World Champion has labelled the reported one-year extension as ‘a joke’ and Fernando Alonso is waiting in the wings to take his spot.

While it all seems just a little far fetched, the gossip will continue until Vettel signs on a dotted line somewhere.

As we wait for that moment, Schumacher thinks the reported one-year contract extension for Vettel at Ferrari could be the most possible outcome after all.

“Last season was of course not quite optimal,” Schumacher is quoted by has having told Germany’s Sky Sport HD.

“Ferrari is currently going through a difficult phase and of course are trying to optimise everything.

“So I believe that something like that [contract] is possible, especially in these times.

“The question is whether he wants to go for the World Championship or does he want to build something new?

“McLaren is on the right track, so that would be possible, but they are also quite some way away.

“They also have an imminent change of engine, so it’s difficult.

“I think if he stays there [at Ferrari] for a year, he would be in good hands.

“Of course he has to feel supported by the whole team. Once you no longer feel that you are being supported, a driver has to leave that team.”

Vettel has recently spoke about his Ferrari future, saying he has remained in discussions with the team but, obviously, other world events have been of greater importance.

He did point, though, that he usually signs three-year contracts.

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