Vettel: Ferrari have no ‘shortcut’ out of struggles

Jamie Woodhouse
Charles Leclerc PA

Charles Leclerc believes it is no coincidence that Ferrari are faster in qualifying than races at present – citing fuel loads as the difference.

Sebastian Vettel has warned that there is no “shortcut” for Ferrari to escape their growing struggles this season.

The Scuderia will take some comfort from the fact that the two races that they expected to struggle at the most, those being the Belgian and Italian GPs, are now behind them.

But that doesn’t hide the fact that Ferrari delivered performances well below what is expected of them. At Spa both Vettel and Charles Leclerc would finish outside the points, while at Monza, Vettel was eliminated in Q1 before a double-DNF followed in the race.

Vettel would retire with a brake failure, whilst Leclerc crashed at the Parabolica, bringing out the red flags.

It’s another home race coming up for Ferrari, this time in literal sense since they own the Mugello Circuit which will host the Tuscan Grand Prix.

After Monza, Vettel said his expectations were “very low”, and he has now warned that there is no “shortcut” that Ferrari can take to fix their problems.

And whilst he doesn’t want the team to get frustrated, he admitted it is getting harder to keep his head up.

“It is grown to my body so naturally it should be up, but maybe right now it is a little bit hanging to one side,” he is quoted by Autosport.

“There are no shortcuts in life and we are in this position because we probably deserve to be. We are suffering, the whole team is suffering, and I am one part of the team.”

Vettel also made it clear that Ferrari can’t dismiss their problems as bad luck.

“Everything happens for a reason, and we are slow for a reason,” he stated.

“It is tough, and I am not the only one who is suffering.”

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But, Vettel does think Ferrari can turn the situation around to some extent before the 2020 season ends.

“It is very difficult for us at the moment for the whole team, but we are in that position and we need to try to do the best we can to have a worthy ending to the season,” he told reporters after the Italian GP.

“We still have lots of races ahead of us and still a lot of stuff to pick up and understand, so there is plenty of work. We have to be focused on that.

“If I could choose, I don’t want to be here. I want to be in the car on the track right now, and not at the back of the field. But sometimes you don’t get to choose, and you have to deal with what you have. At the moment that is what it is, so we have to keep our heads up, even if it is difficult.”

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