Sebastian Vettel reacts to Max Verstappen breaking his all-time consecutive win record

Sam Cooper
Sebastian Vettel and Max Verstappen. Bahrain March 2022

Sebastian Vettel and Max Verstappen share a joke. Bahrain March 2022

Sebastian Vettel said “one can only applaud” after Max Verstappen broke his record for the most consecutive victories.

Vettel’s record had stood for 10 years after the German notched up nine wins on the trot with Red Bull, but it was one of his successors who would eventually beat that tally.

Rather than show any annoyance at losing his record, Vettel was magnanimous in his praise for Verstappen, saying he was performing at a consistently high level.

Sebastian Vettel highlights consistency of Max Verstappen

Vettel was back in his RB7 this past weekend as he took part in a Red Bull event at the Nordschleife and while he was there he gave an interview to the German TV show Sportschau.

When discussing Verstappen’s achievements, Vettel said “one can only applaud” while highlighting the aspect that has impressed the most.

“The performance of the entire team, but especially that of Max, who does it consistently every weekend, is great,” Vettel said. “It’s a level where the competition is far away.

“You have to acknowledge that and you should leave it that way. That’s why it’s great that you can watch.”

Early on in Verstappen’s streak, there was still some doubt as to whether he would reach the record, but there was one man who believed it was matter of time.

“I think at five wins in a row or something, Seb texted me and said ‘well done, keep it up’ and something like ‘you’re going to do it’,” Verstappen said. “Nine in a row is something very impressive and I never thought I would be on eight. recommends

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“It’s not something I have constantly like ‘I need to do this. I need to do this’. I’m not in this sport to try and break records. I’m just here to win in the moment.”

While Vettel was back in the Red Bull car last weekend, it has been nine years since he last raced for them but he revealed he still keeps in touch with them.

“There is still an exchange going on,” the four-time World Champion said. “The boys have a lot to do and travel a lot, but I know them all. I’m in contact, occasionally on the phone, and I’m still somehow involved.”

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