Vettel: Media far more volatile now than before

Mark Scott
Sebastian Vettel

Mika Hakkinen doesn't think Sebastian Vettel is done but says he may lack energy.

Sebastian Vettel feels the media are a lot more volatile now compared to the past, saying that perceptions change very quickly.

Vettel, a four-time World Champion and an ever-present on the Formula 1 grid since 2007 has certainly had plenty of experience when it comes to the different treatment a superstar driver like himself can receive over the course of their career.

But the Ferrari driver thinks the press switch in opinion and stance much more quickly nowadays compared to previous years.

“The questions change every day, they change after every result,” Vettel told Autosport.

“So in this regard I feel like it’s a lot more short-lived nowadays. If you have a bad day, things are a disaster for the next weeks.

“If you have a good day, you are the greatest for the next weeks.

“It has always been like that in a way, but just the velocity of change has changed.

“But that is probably something that not just F1 experiences, that’s probably something the whole world experiences.

“I’m not a finance guy at all, but you just need to follow the finance market, the stock market for a day and it goes up and down.

“If you take the same behaviour 15 years ago, people would panic.

“And now it’s completely normal to have 2 percent up, 3 percent down. 20 years ago 3 percent up was like: ‘We have a problem here, we need to …’, you know [stop].”

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