Vettel helping Schumacher with his crooked seat

Finley Crebolder

Mick Schumacher is having some issues with his seating position so far this season – and Sebastian Vettel is trying to help him out.

Vettel has been something of a mentor to Schumacher since the Haas driver joined the grid at the start of this year, and that was very much on display at the French Grand Prix.

At the end of the race, cameras captured the two Germans deep in conversation, with the Aston Martin driver inspecting the cockpit of his compatriot’s Haas.

Asked about it ahead of the next round, Schumacher has explained he is having trouble with his seat and Vettel is trying to help him out.

“So basically, I’ve been sitting in a crooked position since the beginning of the season because…the seat is central but I’m not straight,” Schumacher told reporters in Austria.

“We have actually been talking about it before and I took that opportunity to show it to him. Just spoke about the seat and he gave my mum the tip of breaking it so I could get a new one sooner! But it didn’t happen in the end, so I still have the same seat for now.

“Not being symmetrical is something I have to work on but it’s hard to achieve in a small amount of time. But plans are there to change the seat in the near future.”

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The Haas driver did clarify that, in terms of driving, it is a problem he can live with at the moment.

“It’s not as bad as maybe some might think,” he added.

“It’s a small offset, something I’ve been used to also in junior categories. And to be fair, it doesn’t harm me in any way when driving.

“It’s something that for us is a secondary concern. For us, it’s mostly about trying to get everything ready for the weekend and being prepared on that level and maybe setting our focus on something else instead of wasting it on something that’s maybe not affecting me right now.”

It may not be too big an issue for Schumacher, but when Vettel heard about it he still wanted to take a look nonetheless as he feels small things like that can be important.

“It’s very simple, I spent so many years racing and we spoke about the seat during the week last week,” Vettel said.

“There’s always small things you can improve and look at, so I wanted to have a look and we had a look.”

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