Vettel has no thoughts on vacant Mercedes seats

Michelle Foster
Sebastian Vettel Ferrari

Sebastian Vettel

Signed with Aston Martin, Sebastian Vettel says this is now “home” and has denied giving any thought to a possible 2022 Mercedes move.

Dropped by Ferrari last season, Vettel signed a multi-year deal to race for Aston Martin.

When the announcement was made, Aston Martin revealed that it was for “2021 and beyond”. How far beyond the team did not say.

Months later another World Champion, Lewis Hamilton, committed his future to his team but, unlike Vettel, he only signed for 2021.

That means Mercedes have not one but two seats available for next season with Valtteri Bottas also only one a one-year contract.

Should Mercedes opt to make any changes at the end of this year it is thought that George Russell is leading the charge to replace Bottas, while Max Verstappen could be the man if Hamilton decides to retire.

As for Vettel, the four-time World Champion says he’s not giving any air time to talk of him possibly taking the Brit’s race seat.

“Obviously I don’t know his plans, I just heard he signed a contract for a year,” he told

“As for me, my home is here now, and we are all very busy because we have a big challenge ahead of us.

“There are a lot of things we have to deal with, so I don’t have any other thoughts right now.”

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The German also weighed in on reports that last year’s Ferrari’s rear end is what effectively wrecked his final season with the Scuderia.

Vettel managed just 33 points in 2020, finishing P13 in the Drivers’ Championship, as he struggled to match his team-mate Charles Leclerc.

Pundits said it was in part because the 33-year-old was constantly fighting with the rear end of his SF1000.

“I mean, if you looked at the cars that I had when I was at Red Bull school, or beginning of Ferrari, or whatever, I think there have always been times where the rear was nervous,” said Vettel.

“And that’s okay. So I don’t think I’m more vulnerable than the others in this regard. If anything, I don’t like it when the car is really just understeery.

“Because at least with the oversteer, you can do plenty of things, with the understeer, as well there are some driving techniques, but your hands are a bit more tied or a bit more limited. So actually, I prefer when the car is a bit looser, that really helps you to rotate, and so on.

“Obviously, if it gets too much, then you lose a lot of time. And then nobody likes that because it’s slow.”

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