Vettel warns: Packed F1 schedule ‘will take its toll’

Finley Crebolder
Sebastian Vettel speaking to the press. Brazil November 2021

Sebastian Vettel speaking to the press at Interlagos. Brazil November 2021

Sebastian Vettel has warned that Formula 1’s busy schedule will “take its toll” going forward following freight delays in Brazil.

The sport faced issues ahead of the Sao Paulo Grand Prix weekend with poor weather delaying the delivery of vital components from Mexico to Sao Paulo, leaving a number of teams without crucial parts such as engines just a day before qualifying.

The problems came at one of the busiest parts of the season with the race at Interlagos being the second of a triple header, and Vettel feels they came about largely as a result of the sport trying to fit too many races in.

“Probably,” the Aston Martin man told reporters in Brazil.

“I don’t know what happened to the freight so these things can happen whether you have one race or three races on the trot.”

While this season has been a busy one, featuring a number of double headers and triple headers in its schedule, next year’s calendar is set to be even busier. If all goes to plan, the 2022 campaign will consist of a record total of 23 rounds with more weekends than this year featuring sprint qualifying sessions too.

Vettel expects such a schedule to cause problems like those encountered in Brazil to occur more often as a result and sympathisers with mechanics in particular.

“Surely, the efforts that are going in by having more and more races and in a shorter amount of time, it is going to take its toll,” he added.

“It’s tough for everybody involved. The drivers are at the lucky end but the mechanics…”


He also wants F1 to step in and assists teams on the grid with fewer resources in order to create a level playing field and prevents the bigger outfits from having an advantage.

“I know that different teams have different approaches in terms of how they handle the whole logistics of setting up the garage, building and stripping the cars, shipping and so on,” he said.

“Not all teams are on the same level. Some are better off than others which is not right and not fair. I feel there should be a little bit more help or organisation from the top to maybe make it more compulsory so that everybody is really playing the same game.

“Obviously, some teams have maybe more infrastructure than others, a different approach, more financial possibilities to some degree.”


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