Sebastian Vettel reveals talks with F1 and thoughts on possible comeback

Sam Cooper
Sebastian Vettel in his race without trace overalls.

Sebastian Vettel in his race without trace overalls.

Sebastian Vettel said “we’ll see what the future brings” when asked if he would consider a return to Formula 1 in an official capacity.

The German is taking to the famous Goodwood hill this weekend in two cars from his own collection, Nigel Mansell’s championship-winning Williams FW14B and Ayrton Senna’s McLaren MP4/8 from 1993.

Both cars have been converted to run on synthetic fuels as part of Vettel’s ongoing push to bring awareness of the impact on motorsport and the climate.

Sebastian Vettel: F1 has a huge responsibility because it’s a very big even

It is a topic he has been vocal on even before he hung up his racing boots and he did not rule out a move to an official role at either the FIA or F1 to continue this mission.

“We’ll see but I have some ideas,” he replied when asked by of a possible role within F1 or the FIA. “I’ve been to Monaco earlier this year. I had a very good meeting with [F1 president] Stefano [Domenicali].

“Other than obviously the cars directly polluting, F1 has a huge responsibility because it’s a very big event.

“A lot of people attend, I think you had around 500,000 people in the British Grand Prix last weekend. So there’s a lot more to it than just the cars but obviously the cars, everybody sees them.

“It’s important that it’s headed in the right direction. But I’m talking [with F1] and I have some ideas. Obviously, we’ll see what the future brings.”

For a man with the experience of Vettel, it came as no surprise to hear that plenty of job offers have arrived at his door since he left F1 in 2022 but as of yet, he still wants to spend as much time with his kids as he can. recommends

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“There’s lots of interest from different angles,” the four-time World Champion said. “But I set myself the goal last year that I want to be free and I say no to a lot of things in the first place. Because I want to get to know this version of myself, that doesn’t have let’s say a fixed schedule and is able to look into different things and get inspired.

“That’s still the journey I’m on. I’m spending a lot of time with my kids as well. We’ve done a bit of travelling as well in the van so I do enjoy that. But certainly I also know that I will not be living the life of my kids, it’s not going to be my main task.

“Even though I want to be there for them. But I think sooner or later, I will probably figure it out and take on a new challenge.”

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