Vettel reveals ‘small issues’ further restricted lap count

Jamie Woodhouse
Sebastian Vettel begins to exit the Aston Martin. England, July 2022.

Sebastian Vettel beginning to climb out of the Aston Martin AMR22 at Silverstone. England, July 2022.

On a Friday in Silverstone where rain hampered the on-track action, Sebastian Vettel found his time on the circuit restricted further still.

Parts of the track were drenched by rain showers during FP1, resulting in a lack of running with drivers then looking to make up for that in a dry FP2 session.

Vettel finished P12 in the Aston Martin, though he did not complete the full programme which was planned, with what he described as “small issues” getting in the way.

Asked by reporters after FP2 if he feels he has the car underneath him for the British GP weekend, with Aston Martin sporting upgrades, Vettel replied: “I don’t know yet. I think nobody did a lot of laps. So we only had one session.

“We had some small issues that stopped us from doing a bit more laps than we wanted this afternoon. But yeah, now we have a good look. And then we see where we are tomorrow.”

When pressed to explain the issues, Vettel said he felt they were caused by the low ride of the cars, with reports stating that the problem related to damage to the upgraded floor on his AMR22.

“It’s a fast track. So you know, I didn’t go off anywhere but I guess, with these cars, everybody is quite low,” he said.

“So yeah, I think we need to have a good look, nothing that we can’t repair, but we didn’t manage to repair in time inside the session, that lost us a little bit of time, but I think for tomorrow we’ll be fine.”

As for whether the issue was specifically related to the upgrade, Vettel replied: “No I don’t think so. I think it’s probably more track related just because it’s faster speeds, higher speed corners, but I saw there was some bits around the track. So I guess others had similar problems.”

Due to the loss of track time, Vettel, a two-time winner of the British Grand Prix, admitted that he does not yet feel prepared when it comes to the long runs.

There is also the uncertainty of the weather to contend with, as further rain is expected on Saturday before a dry race day.

Asked if he feels prepared for the long runs, Vettel said: “No not yet. So we lost as I said a little bit of time, and we didn’t do all the work that we normally get to do also with the loss this morning, so we’ll see what we have tomorrow morning in terms of weather conditions.”