F1 drivers still pushing Vettel to join social media

Mark Scott


Pierre Gasly has said that drivers are still trying to pressure Sebastian Vettel into having some form of social media presence.

Vettel is the only driver on the grid not to have any social media channels, even Kimi Raikkonen has an Instagram account.

There does appear to be a slight chance of Vettel changing his ways a little, though, after recently acquiring a simulator to perhaps take part in some online racing.

As for social media, Gasly has revealed that he and other Formula 1 drivers keep putting the pressure on him to join.

“In 2019 and 2020 our generation, everybody is on social media,” Gasly told RACER.

“Except Seb (Vettel) who is the only one and the only exception! We are still pushing him to be on Instagram, because it’s not normal these days not to be on social media.”

Gasly also went into detail about how he deals with the negative side of social media, which can be a magnet for negative comments and trolls.

“Obviously you see what’s happening, you see what people are saying,” Gasly added.

“In my life, since I was really little, people were telling me, ‘It’s impossible you’re going to make it to F1. Only 20 drivers are in F1, why are you even trying? Blah, blah, blah…’

“I’ve always managed to transform these negative thoughts and negative energy into something positive inside of me.

“To trigger more energy and even stronger motivation and will, and always came out stronger from this negative energy that people were trying to send me.

“I saw a couple of messages, but it’s not something I tried to focus on.

“I’ve always been used to living with that sort of thing. When you are exposed, when you are a top athlete, especially at the top level of a sport – whether it’s Formula 1 or football or basketball – you are always judged for everything you do.

“People easily forget what you have done in the past and why you are here – you’re always judged for the last performance.”

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