Vettel takes issue with ‘not fair’ green Red Bull comments

Jamie Woodhouse
Sebastian Vettel in the paddock. Barcelona May 2022.

Aston Martin driver Sebastian Vettel wears sunglasses while walking through the paddock. Spain May 2022.

Sebastian Vettel is far from impressed with remarks being made about the upgraded Aston Martin AMR22.

Aston Martin went to the Spanish Grand Prix armed with a heavily upgraded 2022 challenger, a statement true for various teams on the grid.

It was the AMR22 though which generated most attention, Red Bull taking issue with its perceived similarities to their RB18 and which the team said had been brought to their attention by the FIA.

Aston Martin have consistently denied any wrongdoing, stressing these upgrades had already been in the pipeline before the RB18 had hit the track, with the FIA giving them the all-clear.

That did not stop Red Bull setting up an internal investigation, concerned the AMR22, or ‘green Red Bull’, may have been created through an illegal transfer of IP, with several Red Bull staff having made the move to Aston Martin for 2022.

Vettel has been far from pleased with all of this talk, in particular disappointed regarding the treatment of Dan Fallows, the Red Bull aerodynamics chief who in April joined Aston Martin as technical director.

Upgraded Aston Martin AMR22 close-up. Spain, May 2022.
A close-up look at the upgraded Aston Martin AMR22. Spain, May 2022.

“I think it was just at some point not fair,” Vettel told

“Especially towards, first of all, all the effort that went in [to change the AMR22].

“Second, on a personal level, to Dan Fallows. I don’t think it was fair. Some things that were said I think were not right.

“He’s a very good guy. I remember him from my time at Red Bull and obviously he’s joined the team and is with us now.

“Some of the things that were said were just not right and I would like to hear…not an apology, just…well, they will never hear anything. But what I mean is, some of the things that have been said were just not fair.”

Vettel’s team-mate Lance Stroll backed the stance that the AMR22 upgrades were all Aston Martin’s own original work.

“We designed the car, the FIA said it was okay and legal – they let us compete,” said the Canadian racer.

“Parts of it look similar, I guess, to the Red Bull, but it was us back at the factory that designed it and I think the team did an incredible job at getting all the bits out to Barcelona.

“It was flat out for many weeks leading up to the race and very challenging to get all the parts to Barcelona for both cars.”


Vettel added it had been “around the first race” that Aston Martin had decided to switch to this concept as they “didn’t manage to make big progress” with the original version of the AMR22.