Vettel: No problems with Horner after Aston Martin criticism

Michelle Foster
Sebastian Vettel sideon in the reviews Aston Martin, floor edge seen. Monaco May 2022

Sebastian Vettel side on in the reviews Aston Martin, floor edge seen. Monaco May 2022

Sebastian Vettel says he has no issues with Christian Horner after his former team boss launched an internal investigation when Aston Martin unveiled a green RB18.

After a slow start to the season, Aston Martin went down an alternate design route with their first upgrade for the season.

The team unveiled what was quickly dubbed a green RB18 at the Spanish Grand Prix, the car baring a striking resemblance to the 2022 Red Bull challenger.

That irked Red Bull team boss Horner as several Red Bull personnel had jumped ship to Aston Martin in the past 12 months.

He announced that the Milton Keynes squad would launch an internal investigation, with Helmut Marko going as far to say that there is “evidence data has been downloaded”.

But while Horner and Marko have their suspicions about his new team, Vettel says that hasn’t done anything to damage his relationship with his former bosses.

“No, I mean, everything that’s been said has not been said to me,” he said. “I don’t think it’s on that level, so no problems on that side.”

Adrian Newey, left, and Christian Horner, right, talk to their former Red Bull driver Sebastian Vettel. Spain, February 2022.

But he reiterated that some of the comments, seemingly aimed at Dan Fallows, Red Bull’s former head of aerodynamics who has joined Aston Martin, were not right.

“I think just some of the things that were said,” Vettel added, “especially when it gets towards the person, I don’t think it’s right.”

Aston Martin insist their revised design was already on the drawing board midway through last year’s championship with the team opting for two different approaches to the all-new 2022 regulations.

When they saw that their initial design wasn’t up to scratch, they swapped over.

Vettel said: “There’s the opportunity for us to, you know, explore different ways this year. So I think from a design point of view, the team didn’t want to be stuck one way.

“I think, you know, the time when both cars, in a way, were in the tunnel was very early was right before the season started. And then, you know, for sure there was an uncertainty; which one is the most more promising path?

“So the decision was taken very early. And yeah, I don’t remember exactly but I think before the first race, around the first race, and from then onwards it has been a big, big push, because it’s basically a new car.

“But I think with the previous car that we had, we saw that there was some difficulties like other teams are also facing and are struggling with. We didn’t manage to really make big, big progress.


“So yeah, we believe this is the better direction. It’s not our decision. It’s entirely up to the team, the engineers, mostly aerodynamic department, to lead the way and then for everybody else to have the headache of solving the problems.”

Vettel finished P10 at the Monaco Grand Prix, the German scoring Aston Martin’s first point in the revised car.