Vettel: Bring back V12s, drop the batteries

Michelle Foster


Six years into the V6 era and Sebastian Vettel admits he is still not impressed with today’s power units.

Back in 2014 Formula 1 switched to 1.6l turbocharged hybrid V6 engines.

With them came the complex MGU-K, which recovers kinetic energy created during braking and stores it in a battery.

Liberty Media tried to do away with the MGU-K when drafting the 2021 engine regulations but was met with opposition from the engine manufacturers.

Personally Vettel would be happy to see it fall away.

He also wants a return to V12s.

The Ferrari driver said via Kolner Express: “My first act would be to double the number of cylinders.

“I would also remove the batteries.

“I think they are unnecessary except for the starter battery.”

Vettel, though, won’t get his way as Formula 1 bosses have decided to stick with the current engine formula through to 2025 or 2026.

F1 advisor Pat Symonds says they are hoping to revamp the engine rules then, but admits Liberty Media have to get the teams on board.

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