Seidl doubts Formula 1 can attract new manufacturers

Jamie Woodhouse
Honda wanted to start 2019 with their Spec 2 power unit.

Honda wanted to start 2019 with their Spec 2 power unit.

McLaren principal Andreas Seidl doesn’t envisage new engine manufacturers joining Formula 1 with the direction of talks over 2021.

For years now the sport has been trying to lure new manufacturers onto the grid, though only Honda have done so.

They join Mercedes, Ferrari and Renault as the manufacturers in Formula 1, though it’s hoped that a budget cap and less complex engines from 2021 will make the sport a more attractive prospect.

However, proposals are already being watered down – the ‘simpler’ engines will retain the problematic MGU-H element, and Seidl isn’t seeing enough to convince him that new manufacturers will enter Formula 1.

“[It’s] very important to make sure you can enter this sport with an investment which is a lot smaller compared to what you have to do now,” Seidl told the media last week in Spielberg.

“The investment you have to do for the infrastructure, and the budget you have to use in order to get to the point where the established manufactures are – you have to be realistic.

“[It is] pretty difficult to imagine that anyone would invest that money at the moment, in general it’s very difficult for a new engine manufacturer to come in.”

Similarly to Mercedes boss Toto Wolff, Seidl believes that leaving manufacturers to develop their engines and come closer together is the best way to appeal to new ones.

“It makes sense at the moment to really keep the regulations as they are,” he suggested.

“Keeping the regulations stable, all the powertrains are coming closer together.

“There are a lot of changes ongoing at the moment in the automotive industry with the powertrains, electrification and so on.

“We simply have to wait for the next cycle of the regulations, see how the automotive industry is going [and] if there is any chance to create interest for another manufacturer to come into this sport.”

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