Sergio Perez caught up in hilariously cringy grid incident at Las Vegas Grand Prix

Thomas Maher
Sergio Perez walks through the paddock as the Red Bull driver competes in the Las Vegas Grand Prix.

Sergio Perez enjoyed a bizarre moment as part of the build-up to the Las Vegas Grand Prix.

Sergio Perez smiled and watched on as he was introduced to the Las Vegas GP audience in an unusual fashion…

As part of the build-up to the Las Vegas Grand Prix, the drivers emerged onto the pit straight to the cheers and enjoyment of the crowds in the grandstands – announced onto the grid by famous sports announcer Bruce Buffer.

Buffer enthusiastically greeted Perez by shouting into his microphone, “Sergio Checo Perez,” in a long, drawn-out exclamation as Perez smiled and walked up close to Buffer – but the cringe was just about to begin.

Bruce Buffer and Sergio Perez awkwardness ensues

Perez clearly was under the impression that he was being called before Buffer for an interview, with the Red Bull driver standing in front of the 66-year-old smiling broadly and waiting patiently.

But both appeared clueless about how to progress, with Buffer politely waiting for Perez to move along – Perez instead being completely confused as he, off-mic, started to question what was going on as he looked around, nodding at Buffer with confusion written all over his face.

It was a hilariously awkward interaction, with Buffer picking things up to announce Max Verstappen the second Perez had ambled slightly further away from him.

Perez starts the Las Vegas Grand Prix from 11th place on the grid after a disastrous qualifying tactic as he sat in the garage for the final few minutes of Q2 after completing his run early. Perez lines up directly behind championship rival Lewis Hamilton, who starts from 10th.

It’s not the only moment that will have annoyed Red Bull ahead of the race, with an oil spill from one of the classic cars for teh driver’s parade soaking onto the track in the area in front of Verstappen’s grid slot.

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