Red Bull Racing is Horner’s ‘life’, says Perez

Finley Crebolder
Christian Horner on the Red Bull pit wall. Abu Dhabi December 2021

Team boss Christian Horner sitting on the Red Bull pit wall facing the garage. Abu Dhabi December 2021

Sergio Perez says in his first year with the team, he has noticed Red Bull Racing is Christian Horner’s “life”.

Horner has been Red Bull’s team principal since they first joined the F1 grid in 2005, but despite winning four straight titles from 2010-13 he was in the spotlight in 2021 more than ever.

With his team and driver Max Verstappen taking the fight to Mercedes and Lewis Hamilton, he often made the headlines with comments he made to the press about their rivals.

Many of those comments concerned Mercedes counterpart Toto Wolff, with the two engaging in a war of words that got increasingly heated as the year went on.

Damon Hill did not think their clashes were genuine though, instead believing their supposed feud was exaggerated by them for dramatic effect.

“I think it’s a front, actually,” Hill said on the latest F1 Nation podcast. “I think it’s a front they have put on.

“It’s just so sad that you have these two camps. They are both experiencing all the pressure and all the same or similar kind of experiences. The victories, defeats and the kind of rivalry and all they are experiencing.

“But they can’t share it together, do you know what I mean? Maybe one day, when the war is over, they will be able to have a cup of tea together.”

However, from discussions he has had with his boss throughout his first season with the team, Perez does not believe that is the case.

The Mexican says Red Bull is Horner’s “life” and that the Briton gives “everything” to try and make sure the team is successful, leading to him being hugely passionate at times.

‘Checo’ enjoys seeing that passion and while others have been critical of Horner’s conduct, he thinks it is a good thing for the sport too.


“Well, I think it’s a lot the situation we [were] in,” he said.

“They (Mercedes) are our main competitors. I don’t know for Toto, I don’t know how he is at work and so on. But just speaking for Christian, Red Bull Racing is his life. It’s everything. He gives everything for it. He gets very passionate and I think it’s great to see.

“The sport is great to see drivers with character. It’s great to see team bosses with character. It’s part of the sport at the end of the day.”


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