Sergio Perez denies hidden clauses in his Red Bull contract amidst 2025 rumours

Michelle Foster
Red Bull driver Sergio Perez in Saudi Arabia.

Sergio Perez is now in his fourth season as a Red Bull driver.

Sergio Perez does not have a Helmut Marko, Adrian Newey or toilet roll up or down clause in his Red Bull contract, it just is what is.

As Red Bull Racing devolved into a power struggle earlier this year with Christian Horner investigated for alleged inappropriate behaviour and others rumoured to be capitalising on it, details about Max Verstappen’s contract were revealed.

No Helmut Marko clauses hidden in Sergio Perez’s contract

Backing the motorsport advisor in a ‘he stays, I stay’ ultimatum,’s Thomas Maher understood that a contract clause inserted into Verstappen’s contract allowed him to leave if Marko’s tenure ends.

That, Maher reported, was supposedly inserted without the knowledge of Horner or other senior members of the parent company – achievable through Marko’s position as a director of Red Bull Racing.

It’s the second notably clause in a Red Bull contract with reports design guru Adrian Newey’s contract is linked to that of Horner’s.

Perez, though, has only his results to lie on with the Mexican driver revealing he has no such clause linked to Marko, Newey8 or anyone else.

“I don’t have such a clause,” he said as per

Pressed on Verstappen’s Marko clause, he added: “I don’t know what clauses Max has in his contract, you’ll just have to ask him.

“He still has a contract with the team and is fully committed. I won’t say anything about the rest, because that is none of my business. “I don’t see the point in talking about other drivers when we don’t know the facts. That’s also the case here.”

Perez’s future is instead linked to his results on the track. “I fully concentrate on achieving good results, that is my job,” he said.

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But according to former Ferrari team manager Peter Windsor, Perez need not worry about a clause.

After all, he’s already signed with Red Bull for 2025.

I heard in the paddock area from various sources that are pretty reliable that Sergio’s already renewed his contract for next year.

“In which case, you would say, well what was the rush? A bit like Lando re-signing for McLaren, a long-term deal, what was the rush, you would say that about Red Bull with Sergio Perez as well.

“If that’s the case, then that door is obviously closed for Carlos Sainz.”

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