Sergio Perez admits he has ‘dreamt a few times’ of home success in Mexico

Henry Valantine
Sergio Perez speaks to reporters. Mexico October 2022.

Red Bull driver Sergio Perez speaks in the pre-weekend press conference. Mexico October 2022.

With a chance of victory, Sergio Perez has allowed himself to dream of becoming the first Mexican driver to win his home race – but knows it is going to be far from easy.

In a car which has won 15 of the 19 races so far this season, Perez has taken two wins compared to a record-equalling 13 for Max Verstappen in the sister car, but his hopes are high that he will be able to thrill his home crowd at the weekend.

But he said separately that he wants to win on merit if he is to do so, with Verstappen not likely to feel charitable and ‘gift’ victory to his team-mate if he is in the lead.

Perez started the week by completing a demo run with Red Bull in the streets of his hometown, Guadalajara, in front of a reported 140,000-strong crowd – which was an understandably emotional moment for the home hero.

“It was super,” Perez said of his show run at the pre-race press conference. “A special moment for me, to be able to drive your own car, in your own streets at home. [It] was a super, super day and we did it before, before I started in F1.

“But this was very special, you know, for the people, everyone was so emotional about it. So it was a massive day for me.”

Given how strong the Red Bull RB18 has shown itself to be alongside Red Bull’s dominance in strategic performances this year, he was asked if he has allowed himself the opportunity to dream of a home victory.

“I’ve dreamt a few times already about it,” he then admitted. “It would be massive for me. Obviously, that’s the target for Sunday.

“It will not be easy. We need to be perfect throughout the weekend, so I think all the focus will be now on the racing stuff to try to maximise the weekend. And at the end of the day, it’s another weekend with the same amount of points, but it’s the most special one for me.”

It was revealed on Thursday that the local government in Mexico City has also signed a fresh three-year contract to continue hosting Formula 1, penning a deal until 2025, keeping a home race on the calendar for Perez for the foreseeable future.

“Yeah, this is something great for our country,” he said. “You know, because this country, we get to show how good the Mexicans are, our Mexican people, our country.

“Formula 1 gives you that exposure worldwide, so I’m super proud of my country that we are able to secure another contract with Formula 1. So we’re super happy for that.”

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