Perez: Obvious who would go to make room

Michelle Foster
Sergio Perez: Obvious who would go to make room for Vettel

Sergio Perez concedes it is “obvious” who would leave Racing Point to make room for Sebastian Vettel as, as a dad, he wouldn’t sack his own son.

Vettel is believed to be weighing up joining Racing Point for next year’s championship, although the German says so far there have only been “loose” talks.

While he believes it “sounds exciting from the outside” given next year’s Aston Martin connection and of course Racing Point’s leap up the order with its controversial pink Mercedes, he is wary.

“At the moment you look and it looks probably great,” he explained to Sky F1.

“But you know, I’ve been around for such a long time that you try to look beyond that in terms of seeing what might form up and what might not form up along the grid.”

However, in order for Racing Point to make room for Vettel, the team would have to cancel a driver’s contract, Perez or Stroll’s.

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Perez says it is clear which of the team-mates would be handed his marching orders.

“I think [the choice] is obvious if someone has to go,” Autosport quotes the Mexican driver as having told Movistar+ F1.

“I’m a dad, I wouldn’t kick my son out, but there’s not much I can say.

“There are many [rumours] around. From me, nothing – everything remains the same.

“I have a contract with the team.”

That contract, though, is believed to be on the verge of being cancelled.

According to Bild, team owner and Lance Stroll’s father, Lawrence, is negotiating with Perez, his management and his sponsor to trigger an exit clause in his contract.

The Mexican driver has a deal that runs until the end of 2022 but that could be terminated before the end of July with 2020 being his last with the Silverstone-based team.

“In all contracts, there are always clauses,” Perez admitted.

“It is a bit related to sponsorship. That can open that clause.”

He is, however, working hard with his sponsors, one of which is Mexican giant Telmex, to avoid that.

“But we’re working hard with all our sponsors so that this does not happen,” he continued.

“I would not say that it depends on a single sponsor, it is more of an overall issue.”

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