Sergio Perez plays down Adrian Newey Red Bull exit with ‘always succeed’ warning

Jamie Woodhouse
Adrian Newey, Red Bull, 2024 Bahrain Grand Prix.

Red Bull's Adrian Newey.

While Sergio Perez holds Adrian Newey in the highest regard, he warns that the “big teams” will “always succeed” and Red Bull have prepared well for his exit.

Following persistent rumours, it was confirmed on Wednesday that Newey will leave Red Bull “after the first quarter of 2025”, though his focus during the remainder of his time with the outfit will be on their RB17 hypercar project, not Formula 1.

Sergio Perez confident on Red Bull life after Adrian Newey

Newey – one of Formula 1’s greatest designers of all-time – has been credited as the key figure behind Red Bull’s rise to dominance in the ground effect era, sparking speculation over Red Bull’s ability to stay there without Newey’s involvement.

However, Perez believes Red Bull will be just fine as while it is “not ideal” to lose Newey, he stressed that their success is “not down to one individual”.

“It’s obviously I will say not ideal someone like Adrian [leaving]. He has been tremendous to our team, to our organisation,” Perez told media ahead of the Miami Grand Prix.

“And he’s a very good friend of mine as well in this time that we spent together.

“But at the end of the day, there are times in life, you know, I think he spent like 20 years at Red Bull. I think he probably wants to do something else. And it’s fair.

“I think Red Bull, it’s in a great place, has a very good, very strong organisation with Pierre [Waché, technical director], with Enrico [Balbo, aerodynamics chief], with Ben [Waterhouse, head of performance engineering].

“I think the whole aero group is very strong and we’re just looking forward to the future.

“I think you have seen in the past with these big teams, big names, when they leave, they will always succeed. It doesn’t matter. It’s not down to one single individual. It’s a whole organisation and I think Christian [Horner, team principal] has done a great job in sort of preparing for the next generation of what’s going to happen to Red Bull.” recommends

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Life after Adrian Newey: Meet the man set to take over Red Bull’s technical programme

Perez confirmed that there had been internal indications that Newey could be looking to move on, though again returned to the idea of Red Bull’s success being a collective effort.

“Obviously he’s a key part to our organisation and there were some talks of it and obviously once it gets public, it’s much more in advance,” said Perez.

“I think also, Christian and the whole team has been preparing for one day you’re going to lose any single individual.

“It’s a big organisation and as strong as he is a key player to our organisation, there is a massive team around him as well.”

But, with a key player in Newey calling time on his Red Bull F1 involvement, this has sparked speculation over whether other big names could follow him out of the door?

However, Perez is pretty sure that this is not a risk for Red Bull.

“I don’t think so,” Perez confirmed when asked if he fears further Red Bull exits? “I think everyone is fully committed to the team.

“We’re having a tremendous season once again, the future looks bright in team, so I think it’s normal that you have this sort of movement within some people.

“But I think the organisation remains really strong and I don’t see any more changes in that regard.”

Having designed title-winning cars for Williams, McLaren and Red Bull, Newey is a figure who every team will likely want to tempt into extending his Formula 1 career with them.

And while Perez believes Newey would make an “immediate impact” should he join another team, once more, he suggested that he could not take a team to this Red Bull-esque level alone.

“Well definitely Adrian, with the experience he has, obviously he has contributed a lot to the Red Bull philosophy,” said Perez. “So yeah, I assume he will cause an immediate impact wherever he goes, whatever he does.

“He’s a very clever guy, very hard worker. And with Adrian, working with him, it’s much more than a designer. He can influence even strategies, setup. He could have that influence on a race weekend, so to have him around on race weekends was great.

“He is obviously a very strong individual guy that wherever he goes, he will cause an immediate impact. But obviously, it’s a whole group of people that he will require to have around him as well.”

Red Bull already look primed to make it three title doubles in a row in F1 2024, which would mark World Championship leader Max Verstappen’s fourth title triumph in a row.

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