Sergio Perez outlines determined changes to improve upon troubled 2023

Thomas Maher
Sergio Perez, 2023 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix

Sergio Perez has outlined how he plans to have a very different 2024 F1 season.

Sergio Perez is confident he can right some of the wrongs of last year by bouncing back strongly in F1 2024.

The Mexican driver enters 2024 feeling the pressure, despite having clinched second place in the Drivers’ Championship.

With Max Verstappen finishing a dominant first, Perez struggled for large chunks of 2023 and looked in danger of losing second in the closing stages of the season – only to steady the ship in the final races.

Sergio Perez ‘fully fresh’ for 2024 reboot

Entering the final year of his current Red Bull contract, Perez has been given ample warning that he needs to find improvements for 2024 if he wants to stay around at the Milton Keynes-based squad.

To that end, Perez has declared his confidence that he can shake off the ghosts of a troubled 2023 season and return in much stronger form this year.

“Yeah, I feel fully fresh,” told at the launch of the Red Bull RB20 in Milton Keynes on Thursday.

“And obviously, with the learning of last year, it’s very important that we will learn what went wrong and learn from our mistakes.

“I think we understood a lot of things. It’s my fourth year with Red Bull and I would expect to be at my best for this season.”

As for the specifics as to what he intends to achieve this year as his regroup, Perez said he’s aiming to take a calmer approach and won’t necessarily be going hell for leather in the opening races of the year.

“It’s to maximise every single opportunity,” he told media, including

“To get a really strong base early on, and just be able to carry that through the whole season and be able to develop through the season.

“Understanding the difficult races [last year] and why they were so difficult, the directions we were taking with the car, and how we were overcompensating things and not necessarily making the car better. I think all of that we managed to learn.”

Red Bull’s striking new RB20, the car with which the team will be aiming to take both titles once again and continue their current streak that stands at two consecutive Constructors’ titles, Perez said he’s impressed by how much daring has been put into the new car – especially when a safe evolution of RB19 seems the wisest option. recommends

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“I think it just shows the hunger that there is in this team,” he said.

“We had such a dominant car last year that you wouldn’t imagine us changing the concept as much, and I think it’s really brave from Red Bull to do that.

“I think with the changes we’ve done to the car, it’s all about improving learning with the car and growing with the car.

“It’s a long season, so it doesn’t really matter where you start in Bahrain, it’s where you finish in Abu Dhabi.

“So it’s a massive season, it’s just important to have that progression. That will be my main focus for this year.”

Having had to watch on as Verstappen reaped all before him in 2023, showing none of the signs of struggle that Perez had with the RB19, the Mexican driver said he will be focusing inward to try bringing out the best in himself rather than focusing on his teammate,

“Yeah, absolutely, just focusing on myself,” he said.

“I have a great reference in Max, on Max’s side.

“[I’m] just staying open, with an open approach, you know, there’s not like a magic bullet that is right or wrong.

“It’s just staying open through the season and making sure that we get that right path for a good pace and then just develop from there.

“I think more than that as we had some issues as the car was developing.

“The way we were trying to improve those issues meant that we were just taking performance out of the car and not necessarily going faster. Making it more comfortable, is not necessarily faster.”

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