Sergio Perez reprimanded by stewards following Miami Grand Prix podium finish

Thomas Maher
Sergio Perez smiling for the camera. Miami May 2023

Pole-sitter Sergio Perez smiling for the camera. Miami May 2023

Red Bull’s Sergio Perez went to see the stewards after finishing second in Miami, though a non-driving reprimand was the sum of his punishment for turning up late to the pre-race driver’s parade.

Perez finished in second place at the Miami International Autodrome, having been narrowly beaten by Red Bull teammate Max Verstappen after a race-long strategy battle with the two drivers on alternative tyre strategies.

The Mexican driver’s post-race celebrations were compromised by the fact that he has been summoned to see the stewards in the hour following the Grand Prix – but it’s not a transgression that’s likely to raise his heart rate too much.

Perez was summoned for a pre-race procedural incident, with the Red Bull driver being called up before the stewards for an alleged breach of Article 19.4 b) of the FIA Formula 1 Sporting Regulations.

This pertains to late attendance of the pre-race drivers’ parade, with the exact wording of the rule outlining the expectations of the drivers.

“All drivers must attend a thirty (30) minute drivers parade or presentation (including, but not limited to, group photos, social media activities, celebrity interaction, or trackside fan engagement),” read the FIA’s Sporting Regulations, “commencing two (2) hours and ten (10) mins before the scheduled start of the formation lap. Competitors will be given details of the activity by the Media Delegate.” recommends

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Having attended a meeting with the stewards, Perez was found to have been late for the pre-race parade and the FIA did not find Red Bull’s reason acceptable for his lateness, given he was attending other media and commercial duties that left him behind schedule.

“The reason for the lateness was the team’s media and other commercial commitments that the driver had to satisfy before turning up for the parade. We considered that this was not a valid reason for the lateness,” the stewards wrote in their verdict.

“A driver turning up late for such events can have undesirable resultant consequences for the event and should be avoided at all times. In the circumstances, we decided to impose a Reprimand (non-driving) on the driver.”