Seven shocking stats from Mercedes’ horror F1 2023 season

Sam Cooper
George Russell and Lewis Hamilton

Mercedes drivers George Russell and Lewis Hamilton.

Another year has gone by and it is another season Mercedes will hope to erase from their memories.

Even if the W14 was better than the W13, it still didn’t return the Silver Arrows to the level of performance they had previously become accustomed to.

Toto Wolff may not be interested in Wikipedia statistics but they do tell a story. With that, here are seven shocking stats from Mercedes horror season:

No wins for the first time since 2011

We will start with an obvious one and that is the 0 in the win column. Even in 2022, the team managed to get one race right with victory in Sao Paulo but truth be told, they have not come close this time around.

Their best result was a double podium in Barcelona but that will do little to salve the wounds of the season.

It is the first time that Lewis Hamilton has been with the team and they have failed to pick up a win and is the first time since 2011 they have been made to endure a winless campaign.

Lowest points total since 2013

It is not just a lack of wins though as Mercedes’ form has been all over the place, sometimes in the podium and sometimes fighting on for the final points-paying spots.

The Silver Arrows have scored 409 points this year which is their lowest total since 2013 and that season had three fewer races.

What’s more, their tally of 409 got them P2 but the same number would not have achieved that in either of the two previous seasons.

On average, they scored 18.59 points a race this year which is the fourth lowest of their modern history.

One pole position

As Ferrari, and to a lesser extent Haas, have shown, even if a car is not quick on the Sunday, it can be a good quali car but Mercedes have not even had that.

They matched their 2022 figure of just one pole position which Hamilton scored in Hungary but before the W13, it was 10 years since they recorded a number so small.

From 2013 onwards, they scored at least eight per season but that number has fallen dramatically under the new regulations.

0.014% laps led

Mercedes have led just 19 laps this year which is the second lowest tally of their history. To put that in context, that is 0.014% of all laps raced this year.

Converting that figure into distance gives you 103 kilometres which would not even get you from their base in Brackley to McLaren’s in Woking.

Leading laps can sometimes be a misguided measure that can be swayed by different strategies (Yuki Tsunoda led for five laps in Abu Dhabi) but it does show that Mercedes were almost never in a position to move past Max Verstappen when he was in the lead.

​​Russell’s P8 the lowest position of any Mercedes driver since 2012

George Russell has suffered what he believes is the worst season of his career and the numbers back that claim up.

His P8 finish in the Drivers’ Championship is Mercedes’ worst since 2012 when Michael Schumacher finished 13th and Nico Rosberg in ninth.

Even last year, Hamilton’s P6 was the lower of the two and that result looks remarkably better now. recommends

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Eight podiums, fewest since 2013

While the zero wins is not all that surprising given Red Bull’s dominance, the podium count shows Mercedes were oftentimes not even second best.

They scored eight this year which is the joint fourth most alongside Aston Martin. Even McLaren, who had an awful start to the campaign, turned it around enough to score one more than the Silver Arrows.

Of those eight, it was Hamilton who scored the majority on six while Russell stood on the podium steps just twice this year.

Their tally of eight is their fewest since 2013.

Seventh in the pit stop standings

It is not just the drivers and people who built the car that seemed to be performing under the required level with Mercedes ranked at seventh in the pit stop standings.

The award, which was created in 2015, gives out points based on the speed of stops made by teams over the course of the season and the Silver Arrows managed just 100 points compared to winners Red Bull’s 543.

As to what caused that, Toto Wolff admitted it was complacency.

“Our mindset in the last 20 years was that we don’t need to be world champions in pit stops, but we need to avoid very slow pit stops,” Wolff said. “It’s come to a situation now where we realise it has become so competitive and we just need to ramp up our game out there.”

One Driver of the Day award

While all the previous entries have been stat-based, this one is a little more subjective given it’s a fan vote but it does demonstrate the general vibe around the team.

The only Driver of the Day award they picked up was for Hamilton’s race in Barcelona which saw him start fourth and move his way up to P2 behind Verstappen.

But other than that, there have been very few stand-out performances from either driver this season.

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