Should drivers take pay cuts? Button answers

Michelle Foster
Jenson Button

Jenson Button becomes Williams special advisor.

Whenever it comes to money it is difficult to say what others should do, with Jenson Button admitting the question about drivers taking pay cuts in today’s climate is “tricky”.

Many of the smaller Formula 1 teams, and even the bigger ones backed by manufacturers, are facing financial hurdles as the Formula 1 season is put on hold.

Red Bull advisor Helmut Marko reckons it costs the teams “100 million” for every five races missed.

So far Formula 1 has cancelled two and postponed six others.

The ongoing crisis around the world is not only hitting the pockets of every day people but also sporting industries.

Several football teams, such as Barcelona, have announced that their players are taking pay cuts to help backroom staff and ensure the survival of their respect teams.

In sharp contrast Lewis Hamilton is believed to be considering a $50 million per year deal from Mercedes while Sebastian Vettel is talking money with Ferrari.

Sky Sport’s vodcast put the question about salaries and pay cuts to former F1 driver Button.

“It is a tricky one,” replied the 2009 F1 World Champion.

“You have six or seven drivers who are earning big, big, big money.

“The rest of the grid aren’t and obviously some drivers are bringing in money through sponsors and getting paid that way.

“But there are a few that are earning an extreme amount of money.

“It has grown even since I was racing in F1, that’s in four or five years.

“It is a lot of money.

“But it is always difficult.

“You’ve been offered this contract with this amount of money and to turn it down and say I’ll take less for the team.

“It should be happening but it is very different way of thinking for the drivers.

“And maybe it should be included in the budget cap.

“You can choose how much you pay the driver but then you are losing out on development.

“It is a tricky subject.”

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